2013 • Unpublished Σ80 print advert range by myself and Vasilis Markosian.

Σ80 —pronounced "sigma 80"— is a spray paint series for graffiti artists and a subsidiary brand of Cosmos Lac. It consists of A Acrylic Enamel & B Alkyd Enamel. 

Σ80 is the result of a rebranding process of Sabotaz 80, which was introduced in 2005 as a single line product.
The idea of the campaign was to highlight the whole essence of being a graffiti artist, which of course couldn't be other than painting.
The campaign follows the tone of voice and visual language of the new Σ80 image. 
By using a straight forward, honest tone of voice the message is communicated succesfully to graffiti artists of various age, ethnic and social backgrounds, unlike most other brands, who use an aggressive tone of voice with "impresive" or "dark" imagery.
The aim of the campaign is to give back to graffiti artists what they had been missing for many years, just paint.
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