2009 • Experiential advertising activity for Levi's Greece, embedded in the Don't Panic Do Party, celebrating one year of circulation at Athens hot-spot Six D.O.G.S. & BTL material, consisting of leaflets and posters that were used to promote Do Party.

Two favourable street artists, Dreyk the Pirate & Dimitris Taxis, were commissioned to draw live on Levi’s tees, while wearing Levi’s garments. 
120 highly collectable Levi's tees –all drawn and hand numbered by the artists– were given as freebies to the luckiest or earliest Do Party visitors, wrapped around the latest Don't Panic issue.
Dreyk the Pirate & Dimitris Taxis drawing endlessly Levi's tees at Six D.O.G.S.
Nafsika of MTV Hitlist Hellas, spreading the word about the Do Party while wearing Dreyk the Pirate's tee number 1/120 
Three Dreyk the Pirate tee owners
Two Dimitris Taxis tee owners
Do Party leaflet and poster
Print specifications: 10 x 15 cm, single colour letterpress on 300 gsm Kraft
Print specifications: 28.5 x 41 cm, laser print on 120 gsm Kraft
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