2014 • Official Public Art Festival website by myself (Digital Art Director), Filippos Fragkogiannis (Graphic Designer) and Diolar (Web Developer). 

PAF is a multileveled festival, which is constituted by multiple cultural events and visual art activities that happen simultaneously and involve aspects of art, which we encounter in public space –such as street art, graffiti and other forms of art that do not belong to a certain established framework– and which are distinguished by their urban character and contemporary artistic orientation.
The core aim of the official website was to clearly display:
• the big size
• the grassroots & institutional character
• the different actions
• the important partnerships
of Public Art Festival, in a way that a visitor would need as little time as possible to embed all the above, without lacking any information, whilst enabled to fully explore the festival programme and find out more about each action (in brief: a conference, two museum exhibitions, a film festival, three murals, a photography exhibition, an online auction and two parties).
The main focus was given on the structure of the website, bearing in mind:

• the structure of Public Art Festival 
• the current state of the website (represents the 1st organization) 
• and its future evolvement (representing future organizations and hosting an "archive") 
• the "Multiformity" thematic and future thematics
• the wide demographic group of potential PAF visitors
The simplest way to go, was to keep all the information on one page. Even inner pages.
The "Participants" section features approximately 60 of the participating artists, photographers, film makers and speakers. The user can view them all, or select the respective category •  tip → see the "artists"
•  tip → see the "speakers"
The seven actions of PAF
Our "inner page"
•  tip → see our hovering programme
All PAF partner logos have different sizes, visually equal gaps & feature a "new tab" link!
Responsification across a wide range of devices on Safari, including a desktop, a laptop, a tablet and a mobile device
Responsification up-close •  tip → animated gifs coming up  soon!
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