2014 • PAF is a multileveled festival, which is constituted by cultural events and visual art activities that happen simultaneously and involve aspects of art, which we encounter in public space –such as street art, graffiti and other forms of art that do not belong to a certain established framework– and which are distinguished by their urban character and contemporary artistic orientation.
The thematic of Public Art Festival refers to the various forms of art which we come across in public space, as well as to the different aspects and contradictions of the city itself – consequently, Multiformity takes on the role of a monolectic characterization of Athens and its artistic content. 
The 30'' TVC, aired on Mtv and Mega  •  tip #1 → check computer / mobile device volume level is sufficient before watching

Creative Director: Renato Tata
Art Director: Andreas Fakis
Associate Art Director: Alexandra Stais
Graphic Designer: Filippos Fragkogiannis
Film Director: Andreas Fakis
Unit Coordinator: Amy Makris
Photography: Andreas Fakis, Alex Vilaras
Camera Operator: Alex Vilaras
Film Editor: Nikolas Kanellopoulos
Motion Designer: Nikolas Kanellopoulos
Sound Designer: Vasilis Zlatanos
Soundtrack Composer: Vasilis Zlatanos
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